Joker: Not A Joke (A non-spoiler movie review on Joker)

The worst part on having a mental illness is that people want you to behave as if you don’t. ” -Joker, 2019

Joker. Ah. The infamous nemesis of the famous DC hero, Batman. We have always known (according to the movies if you don’t read the comics of course) that Joker is this villain who is insane and goes after Batman.

EHHHHHH! This movie shows how Joker became Joker.

It all started when it was showed that he has a mental illness. A condition wherein he cannot stop laughing when he started to and his expression is vice versa if what he truly feels. Then all it took for a major turn of events was he had one bad day. Well actually, several bad days.

Now, why am I saying this?!? I’m saying that this film discussed or rather showed that Joker is really Joker with orwithout that Clown face. How his story began. And yes, you’ll have this meme immediately popping in your head:

Credits from the facebook page ‘The Humorists’

You got that. We always idolized the heroes. And Joker may have started a revolution even if it wasn’t his intention, but he is no hero. He is a villain yet, we understood him through this film. We feel empathy and just get why he did things. Yes, they may all be questionable—morality-wise, but we just knew…

It was a great film yet I have 7 reasons why you shouldn’t watch it:

1. I can actually count it as a horror movie. Okay, this is from my perspective. It’s because ladies and gentlmen, I believe that something that depicts the cruel reality of this world tha we are blindsided by, it’s horrifying. It left me thinking about things such as morality, injustice and justice, equity, emotional stability, mental stability, and power. There may be other stuff I forgot to mention in, but the point is that Joker made me think a lot of how cruel the world is getting.

2. If you aren’t emotional/mental stable, stop it right there. The color tone, soundtrack, the slowness of pacing for melodrammatic effect, the bruality, the things Joker did, the events in the movie, his mom, him harming himself and others, and Joker’s mental ilness. Ahk! They were all triggers for me—made me anxious, stressed, nervous, left mea tight chest, and made me overthink. Good thing, I didn’t watch alone like something I do whenever I am in the mood of such. So if you have a weak heart, please no.

3. If you are afraid of clowns and you are stupid enough to think you won’t be shocked everytime you see one after watching the trailer and knowing it’s a film about Joker. Yes, please don’t be an idiot like me. I was still surprised when it’s a normal scene where a clown suddenly appears when Joker is not on make-up.

4. If you you have a weak heart. Please, we don’t want any news that someone being rushed on the hospital before or whille eatching the film.


6. If you are pro-government or high-ass rich that you don’t give a f**k about others or you think mental illnesses are fake and can be solvedby prayers. Ha! The movie depicts reality very much and yes it contradicts the stated naive sentiments that are in bold just before this sentence.

7. If you don’t knoow who Joker is. Really, just because it’s hyped you’d watch it and rant about walking out after watching?!? Ugh. You are naive if you do so. SO DO YOUR RESEARCH FIRST!

Going back to my review.

To be honest. It’s a great film. It’s something I don’t think I will ever rewatch unless by accident or a requirement or it’s free. And I recommend watching it if you are not one of the following above or you have someone strong by your side.

Overall, It’s a great film. Like, seriously. But! Make sure you have the guts to watch this one.

Oh aaaaand do not forget to:

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